by Godwin Enemudo

In part 1 of the message, we saw that as Christ is, so we are; we are righteous sons of God with the eternal Word of God. In part 2, we also saw that now that we are alive from death, we are to seek for divine possessions to operate as sons of God. And the divine possessions we need were also mentioned, Divine knowledge, Divine faith, Divine power of God. When we were dead without Christ, we were aliens from the common wealth of Israel (Ephesians 2:12). Now that we are alive, we are now entitled to the divine possessions of God in Christ Jesus, after possessing these possessions, we are to use them the way Christ used the divine possessions.
Jesus_with_children.bmp In part 3 we talked about heeding to God's warnings. In this part 4 of the message we will concentrate on the Word of God that we have, the Word of God that we are born again with. It is the Word of God, the Divine nature of the Word of God we are born again with that we are to express on earth. I want us to note that a born again child of God is born with divine nature of the Word of God and he or she has been blessed with spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 1:3). This is what is called restorations unto perfect position, (Hebrew 10:14). Then we seek for divine possessions to be able to operate as sons of God perfectly-walking and living perfectly by the full measure of Christís divine possessions in us. All born again children or sons of God are saved and restored unto perfect position, but we are yet to walk and live perfectly. This walking and living perfectly will only take place after we might have received the fullness of the knowledge of the Word of God and full faith and power that matches the Word of God. This is the purpose of the work of the former (William M. Branham) and latter (Neal V. Frisby) rain messengers, to restore the full knowledge of the Word of God, faith of God and power by the Spirit of God in us.

Now that we have agreed that we are sons of God, with the Word of God, our spiritual responsibility after seeking for divine possession is to apply the Word of God as Christ applied it. Sons of God are Word trees and we are to produce Word fruits showing forth Jesus the Word of God, the image of God as we also apply the Word of God. The sons of God are to walk and live by the Word above the world. For any son††of God to live above the shadows, elements of this world, (Galatians 4:3-11) we must live by the Word of God, and before we can live by the Word, we must have faith and power of God that matches the Word of God. We are already above the world by nature (2nd Peter 1:4), but we need the knowledge, faith and power to enjoy our lofty position.

This is what I have been saying, we are born again with the nature of God, the Word of God is the Life of God. We now need to seek firstly the knowledge of the Word of God, and seek secondly faith. Then we seek for the power that matches the Word of God, and start to apply the Word of God in our favor and the favor of others at the point of need. Christ the Son of God our example never did anything by himself, but he did everything by the Spirit of God (Matthew 12:28), (Luke 5:17). The power of the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord is at our disposal to move on our behalf as we speak, believing with faith that matches our biddings.

This is what I am saying, for example, our father bought us cars (nature of Godís Word). It is our responsibilities to learn how to drive (knowledge of the Word), put charged battery in the car (active faith of God) and fuel in the car (active Spirit of God). Without these, we will have cars and we will still be walking with our legs or using public transport like those who donít have cars. Why should Christ bless us with Life-Word and we are living like unbelievers without the Word (the two edged sword) that is yea and amen. Sons of God, Christ is our example, itís what applies to Him that applies to us. He is our example. What is not permitted to touch Him, is not permitted to touch us.

Sons of God, let us be conscious of whom we are, what we have, seek for our needs and use our divine possessions as Christ used Hisí when He was on earth. Christ is the God Almighty, who came in the office of the Son of God (our office), to show us the way. He went to the cross to pay our debt, and He is now building us as we seek Him (Matthew 16:18), (Philippians 4:13) for us to walk and live; as He walked and lived, showing forth the image and likeness of God.

So in any situation, let us use the Word of God as Christ used the Word of God. This is applying the Word of God as Christ applied it when He was on earth. This is being holy as Christ is holy (1st Peter s1:15-16). We are no more in the realm of fallen standard and fallen portion, that is for sinners. We are the righteousness of God (new creatures) (II Corinthians 5:17-21), divine standard and portion is for us. Our divine benefits include- divine healings, divine health, divine protection, divine deliverance, divine provision, divine victory, supernatural transportation, etc. We are to use the Word of God as Christ used it, by speaking the Word only, if we have faith that matches the Word. If we donít have faith that matches the Word, we are to take the Word to Christ for Him to speak in our favor:††we are expected to live by the Word not by the world. Even when we are permitted to use the world, we must not abuse it. We abuse the world when we love, desire and seek after things of the world. We are expected to love, desire and seek after God and His things; remember that love and friendship with the world is enmity with God.

The end is here and it is time the sons of God sort for more of God. The anti-Christ is coming soon to demand††for loyalty through the MARK of the beast; before anyone can use the things of the world. The time of separation of the bride from the foolish and the world is close. This will happen around when the anti-Christ is crowned. He will soon be crowned for solution to the world problems; but there cannot be peace or solution without Christ the prince of peace. †Wait for part 5 and remain prepared and ready for the coming of the Lord in Jesus name. And if anyone is not yet born again, please believe and receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior now before it will be too late.

Unto the Lord Jesus Christ the infinite intelligence be all Glory forever and ever, Amen! † Godwin Enemudo