by Godwin Enemudo

Jesus111 In part 1 of the message, we saw that the born again sons of God are righteous sons of God with eternal life. In part 2, we saw that we are to seek for divine possessions for us to be able to operate as sons of God. Now in this part 3, we will talk about the warnings of God. As God gave us His word to use to live by, so also He gave us warnings to heed and His work to do.

As Christ heeded the warning of God and kept Himself pure, we are also to heed the warnings of God and keep ourselves pure as He is pure (1st John 3:3; Corinthians 6:14-18). What are the warnings of God? We are warned against ungodliness, worldliness, Judaism and the flesh. The Lord warned us concerning these. He instructed us to avoid and reject them (Titus 2:12; Titus 1;14; Hebrews 8: 7-13; Rom 13;14). We are word trees to produce word fruits, it is only the word that applies to us and the word only we are to apply. The same way a mango trees does not produce orange fruits or other fruits, so also the sons of God the word trees are to produce only word fruits, as we apply only the word of God the bride takes only Christ's word (Scroll 11 part 2 last paragraph at

What is ungodliness? It is everything that is against God or/and against his word. Why should a son of God, who is part of the word of God be against himself?

What is worldliness? The principles of the world that are not the principles of God, these are not for the sons of God because we are not of the world (St. John 17:14-17; Col 2:6-10; James 4:4-8).Even the things of the world are not to be loved or desired by us, but we can use them pending the breaking forth of our divine benefits. For example a Christian enjoying divine healing does not need the world fantasy hospital that is healing and killing. The things of the world are inferior and only fantasy but the things of God are real (Col 3:1-2). What are these things of God? The word of God, It is yea and amen. Have faith and power that matches the word, speak the word only and expect results by the Spirit of God, as the answer which is always in us is manifested. The kingdom of God is within you said, Christ.

What is Judaism? Simple, it is the principles of the Jews the old covenant principles. (Gal 1:13-14; St John 1:17; Hebrews 8:7-8). It is the dispensation of law that started from mount Sinai to mount Calvary. The dispensation of grace, Christianity, started after the death of the testator Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary and it is about ending to give way for 1000 year millennium. We are not to mix the old testament principles with the present new testament principles, (2 Peter 1:12; Luke 5:36-38; Scroll 100 paragraph 1). Avoid the old wine; let us drink only the new wine that is for us in this dispensation of grace.
What is the Flesh? It is trying to please God by using flesh to do the will of God, instead of using the Spirit of God. It is trying to use the flesh to carry out the responsibilities of the Holy Spirit. This is futile since the flesh cannot do the work of the Spirit, (St John 6:63) (Phil 2:13). When we were in the flesh, we used the flesh to do the things of the flesh, but now that we are in the Spirit, we are to use the Spirit to do the things of the Spirit, (Gal 5:25)(2 Cor. 10:4). Sometimes, because of lack of knowledge and understanding, some Christians depend upon their flesh to live the new life but they fail many times. Until they learn to trust the Spirit of God for all the attributes of God (Phil 2:13). Sinners live their old life by their flesh while the saints of God live their new by the Spirit of God, Halleluyah.

As we heed the warnings of God, seek God and apply the word of God by obeying God; which is walking righteously. The glorious life of God in us starts to break forth by the Spirit of God changing us from glory to glory till the final changing to our glorified body. As we heed God’s warning, we escape corruption. If someone disobeys, he or she suffers corruption (Gal 6:8)

All glory be unto the Lord Jesus Christ the faithful forever and ever.
Godwin Enemudo