by Godwin Enemudo

This sermon is about two major tests that face humanity in the quest for heaven.Everyone God creates He tests. Sometimes He uses Satan to test people or He himself does the testing. God tests, he doesn't tempt, but Satan tempts. (James 1:12-15). In Gen 3:1-7, we saw how Satan tempted Eve and Adam through the serpent. They failed the test and brought their generation under sin and death; curse followed. In Gen 22, God tested Abraham and Abraham passed the test and blessings followed. Jesus Parting the Veil the 2nd Coming

Jesus, the seed of the woman came four thousand years later to save the seeds of God. Now we are in the last seventh church age, the age of translation (Rapture) and the age where Jesus will possess the earth back again from the Devil (The god of this world) and restore it back to the saints. In this age there will be a test for the saints. The first test is the test of "CONFEDERACY" and the second test is the test of the "MARK OF THE BEAST".

These two tests are upon us and anyone that doesn't know about these tests will fail the tests. The first test of confederacy or WCC (World council of churches) will come up when the anti-Christ man is crowned (Isaiah 8:11-18) (scroll 7 part 2 - confidential to the bride). The Anti-Christ system and his bride (Mystery Babylon and her daughters, Rev 17:1-7) will give an order for all churches and Christians to come together as one (He uses part of the bible) (St John 17:21) just the same way the serpent did to Eve in the garden.

There will be an international order to close any church that refuses this order. They will not be allowed to serve and worship God for refusing to join the WCC. This is the first test that is upon us now. The wise and the Bride-wise will choose to obey God than to obey Satan through the anti-Christ. The foolish virgins will obey Satan like Eve and miss the translation (Rapture) and go through the great tribulation. The Bride-wise and wise will remain faithful to God. They will be persecuted and suffer denial, but they will be translated (raptured) before the great tribulation and mark of the beast is given.

After the translation of the Bride-wise and wise virgins, the mark of the beast will be instigated (Rev 13:16-18) then the foolish virgins will see their folly. Some of them will refuse the mark of the beast which is a ticket to hell and lake of fire. They will be killed for refusing the mark (Rev 20:4). Those that take the mark will lose their salvation and go to hell and to the lake of fire. By this time, the anti-Christ has given order to kill anyone that refuses the mark of doom which he calls the mark of peace. The foolish virgins that refuse the mark pass their own test but those that take the mark fail the test and go to hell. After this, the anti-Christ crowd will be visited with celestial judgment of the seven trumpets from God Almighty called the great and notable day of the Lord (Rev 8:6-13, Rev 9:1-21, Rev 16:1-21, Scroll 23 part 2, paragraph 1&2). Jesus on white horse caption behold He Comes

My dear Christians watch and pray, these two tests and trials are close. Those that pass the test of confederacy (WCC) will go in the rapture and escape the great tribulation and the mark of the beast. Those that fail the first test will miss the rapture and go through the great tribulation and face the mark of the beast. I advise every Christian to pass (come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord) the first test and make the rapture.

If anyone fails the first test, I advise them, not to take the mark of the beast, on the second test. They should rather choose to suffer affliction, and be faithful unto death and go to heaven. May the Lord fill each of us with His full Word, full Spirit, full Faith and help us to pass the first test of confederacy of churches (WCC) and make the rapture in Jesus name, Amen.

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Godwin Enemudo