Sermon 20: WATCHMAN

By Douglas E. Amobi

The "WATCHMAN" group is a special kind of calling; if you belong to this group it calls for focus, boldness, faithfulness and watchfulness. God does the calling to this group, because God uses them to do special things that are timed, secret, faithful and judgmental. So it is important to know that for this kind of position God is the one in charge, He makes things happen, He knows the future and the outcome is in his hands. In Psalms 127:1 it reads, except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it; except the Lord keep the city, the WATCHMAN waketh but in vain. To be a watchman is a blessing and a serious duty.

A watchman waits to see, hear or notice an unusual situation or event (signs, prophecies etc) and carries out his or her duty; such as cry out, wake up people, warn people, announce a situation etc. A watchman, climb the roof, tower or a higher elevation. This generally is a spiritual tower for those of us on earth today. In the Old Testament days watchmen climbed up towers to observe and report or warn the people. Today is a prophetic time like the days of the prophet Ezekiel and a watchman in both situations have to do with the SPIRITUAL. In the spiritual, the watchman waits on the Lord for guidance and instructions. Their job today is to warn, awake and direct the people who will listen, especially the people of God.


Ezekiel 33:1-7 states ,"SO THOU, O SON OF MAN, I HAVE SET THE A WATCHMAN UNTO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL; THEREFORE, THOU SHALT HEAR THE WORD AT MY MOUTH, AND WARN THEM FROM ME." This verse of the bible tells us certain things; these include, God sets people as watchmen, to the people of God, God will speak his word to the watchmen and they will hear, they will bring a warning from God and they must be sure the calling and message is from God.

The watchman will blow the trumpet and warn the people and whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh NOT warning - his blood shall be upon his own head. --- BUT he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul. BUT if the watchman sees the sword or signs from the Lord and blow not the trumpet and the people be NOT warned ---- he is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at the hand of the WATCHMAN. This shows that the watchman group is real and God will require the blood of people from us if we do not blow the trumpet and WARN the people.

The trumpet has been sounding gradually since the days of the APOSTLES till now. It has increased with time but only some people are paying attention. The trumpet is sounding, calling, compelling, persuading men that the message of the apostles is coming to a head. These messages of the trumpet carry warnings, judgment and comfort of expectation to those who take heed to the trumpet and the messages.

Ezekiel 33:7

Read 2nd Corinthians 5:11 "KNOWING THEREFORE THE TERROR OF THE LORD, WE PERSUADE MEN." In the last 50years there have been several men of God who have sounded the trumpet and are gone to be with the Lord, William M. Branham, Neal V. Frisby, Kenneth Hagin, Gordon Lindsay and many others; some are in some corners in different countries that we do not know about, but God who does the calling knows where they are. All these trumpets messages are pointing to the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord. These men of God warned the world, spoke signs, miracles, judgment and hope as the Lord spoke to them by his word. Remember that all these trumpets, messages, warnings and expectations must march the word of God.

Everyone needs to prayerfully consider and answer this simple question; ARE WE IN THE LAST DAYS? If the answer is YES, then what does the Bible, the messages of the men of God listed above have in common. Matthew 25:1-13 points to the coming of the Lord and the involvement of the watchmen. Right now there are many different groups on earth, the people who have received the Lord Jesus Christ but have relaxed in their expectation of him and are comfortable in the stance, you have the unbelievers who have heard about the saving power of Jesus Christ but do not accept such, you have those who have not heard about Jesus Christ and salvation then you also have the true believer, the elect. Among the true elect, you have those who are always awake.

And at midnight, Matt.25:6, there was a cry made, BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH; GO YE OUT TO MEET HIM. This is translation time. The cry go ye out to meet Him was not for people in heaven but on earth. The cry was made by the watchmen of today, who are a committed group of the ELECT out of the TRUE BELIEVERS. Any sincere, committed, believer can be one of them; the only separating factor is degree of expectancy. This expectancy does not allow your oil to leak out or burn out. If you read Matt 25:1-13 a couple of facts look you in the face:

(a) this lesson concern all believers foolish and wise (they that gave the cry 'WATCHERS' are part of the wise.

(b) they all had lamps 'the WORD' of God.

(c) the foolish took no additional oil but the wise took oil in their vessels, this is the HOLY SPIRIT; Paul said he get filled and renewed with the Holy Spirit every day.; not once saved or filled with the Holy Spirit no more needs.

(d) They all slumbered and slept while the Bridegroom tarried.

Isaiah 21:6

This scenario does not account for the unbelievers and those who have not even heard about the saving power of Jesus the Christ. The watchmen, who waited looking up, expecting, got ready for the Bridegroom did not slumber nor slept. They were praying, going over their testimonies with the Lord, praising the Lord, fasting, confessing sins like Daniel (not self righteous). Now see the importance of watching; you do not want somebody else to wake you up, your lamp is burning full of oil. They do not need to TRIM their lamps. Matt. 24:42 reads watch ye therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. Luke 21:36 reads, watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to, and to stand before the Son of man.


The watchmen are supposed to cry out to the people today with one and the same 'MESSAGE THE ANGELS GAVE IN ACTS OF THE APOSTLES 1:11; JESUS CHRIST THE LORD is on His way, He already left to come and take us home. The PROPHET and THE APOSTLES saw and spoke of this. Jesus Christ in St. John 14:3 promised to come for us Do you believe this and if so be a watchman, the midnight hour is here. When the mid night cry was given the ten virgins awoke; the FOOLISH need oil because they quit praying , singing, witnessing, reading their bible and worst of all the expectancy and urgency of the return of Christ the Lord was gone.

The Bible says to bear one another's burden, love one another by these shall they know that ye are my disciples. Also 1st Thessalonians 4:9 talks about love among believers. Now we need to show love to other people by warning them as watchmen. Tell them to be ready for the CRY of 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17. Despite warnings on love there is one place that seems to have an exception and the simple reason was that it was too late; the warnings were no adhered to. This was the case in Matt. 25:8-9 the foolish asked the wise for some oil as brethren on the same journey hoping on love to make them share their oil. But the wise said "NOT SO; LEST THERE BE NOT ENOUGH FOR US AND YOU: BUT GO YE RATHER TO THEM THAT SELL, AND BUY FOR YOURSELVES (not for us). This clearly points to the fact that love has a boundary in this situation. Imagine where a wife tells her husband or children to go and buy for the sellers of oil; this is coming.

While they went to buy the Bridegroom came and those that were ready went in and the door was shut. They were virgins but they were foolish. See the watchmen were right by the bridegroom when he arrived, no need to trim lamps, oil was much but cannot be siphoned into another tank or person or lamp. The Holy Spirit does not work that way. Yes there is impartation by the laying on of hands but not when the cry is made; get the oil NOW. Jesus said in Matt. 24:34-36; my word shall not pass away but heaven and earth shall pass away. The watchman must keep awake whether you are male or female. When we get there we shall equal to angels. WATCH AND PRAY. Luke 21:34-36. Beware that the cares of this life, surfeiting and drunkenness that your heart is not overcharged; so that day come upon you unawares.