Sermon No. 12: He Revealeth His Secrets to His Servants, the Prophets - AMOS 3:7

By Douglas E. Amobi

God is compassionate, and warns all mankind about His words. He reveals His plans way ahead of time to caution the prudent and faithful ones. God speaks to people in dreams, visions, word of knowledge and prophecy. But He speaks through prophets on crucial issues. God spoke to Noah prophetically about the destruction of the then world with a flood. It took 120 years, Noah waited, preached, built the ark and occupied till the appointed time. At the appointed time the flood came and the word of God came to pass. Genesis 7:16 "and they that went in; went in male and female of all flesh, as God had commanded him: and the Lord shut him in."


"And the Flood was Forty Days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth." Genesis 7:17 This is prophecy fulfilled.

God continues to show his mercy on mankind, made compromises for man and came in person to talk it over with his friend and prophet Abraham. Read Genesis 20:7, the first time God called a man a prophet. The Lord God visited with Abraham to discuss issues that have come before him in heaven. How Sodom and the surrounding cities have polluted themselves before God. Genesis 18:17 "and the Lord said, shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do. The Lord was going to destroy Sodom, Gomorrah and the surrounding cities. Abraham as a prophet interceded for these cities. The Lord said if he found 10 righteous in those cities he would not destroy them; but the outcome produced only three persons; Lot and his two daughters. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was revealed to the prophet directly by God himself and in this case it fulfilled within hours compared to that of Noah.

God watches over his word to perform it. He also confirms his word. He told ABRAHAM that his seed will in a strange and hostile land for 400 years but that He would deliver them and punish that nation-Egypt. In Genesis 50: 24-25 God confirmed it through Joseph "God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence." God watches over his word to Abraham, confirmed in Joseph and executed in Moses. When it was the appointed time to fulfill the PROPHECY given to Abraham, God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh; "LET MY PEOPLE GO, THAT THEY MAY HOLD A FEAST UNTO ME IN THE WILDERNESS." Exodus 5:1


God spoke to the prophets about the coming of the SAVIOR and the issues of DANIEL'S 70 WEEKS. The prophet Isaiah prophesied about the coming of the Lord in Isaiah 9:6 and it came to pass in the birth of Jesus Christ Luke 2:10-14. "For unto us is born this day in the city David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord." In verse 25 Simeon saw the salvation and consolation of Israel, the Lord's Christ. In the same token in verse 36-38 the prophetess Anna came and also saw the Lord and spoke about him to the people. Who knows how many people by studying the prophets in those days where expecting the Lord. When, where and how the Lord will come was a puzzle to all. The religious people, Rabbis, etc knew where he will be born and some knew the season but the revelation of the Holy Ghost about these issues was missing. Matthew 2:3-8 reveals about Herod, the chief priests and scribes about their concern about the birth of JESUS CHRIST.


This shows us all how God reveals things to his prophets, who then make it known to those who will take heed. One thing is important t do NOT be on Herod's and the scribe's side when it comes to prophecies. Be on the same side with the shepherds, the three wise men from the east, Simeon, Anna and the disciples, mainly fishermen and the lowly.

Genesis 20:7

God revealed to Daniel about the end of time and the events that will follow, it is important to take heed as the Spirit as spoken to the churches of all ages. These events are coming and nothing can stop them. Daniel 12:1-4. In Matthew 24:21 Our Lord prophesied the same thing, "For there shall be great tribulation, such as not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." This is the mercy of God, that we have being told all these things before they come to pass very shortly. Jesus said in St. John 14:3, I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

God in his goodness prophesied, again and again through men and women of God about things to come. To John the apostle he gave the book of revelations, the final push and has continued to make it clearer each day. It is time to awake out of sleep for the hour is come and fear not for He is faithful that has called you and will not fail any of His in Jesus Christ name Amen. Job 35:10 "But none saith, where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night." In the book of Revelation we find climaxes of prophecies of God through prophets to his people. Revelation 1:12-16; 19:9-16, 22:12-16, this is DEITY talking. The same one who started to talk to man since the Garden of Eden is still talking now. Revelation 16:16-21; 20:1-15 is God passing THE FINAL JUDGMENT. What will be your final home, HEAVEN OR HELL. Examine yourself how that Jesus Christ is in you.

God does not leave his people without a witness in every situation. Look at the world and you will see that God is talking but the sons of men are not listening. God means business and He said in the book of Matthew 24:35,


God gave us many witnesses over the years, nice men who have warned this world over the coming of the Lord and the end of time. Some of the men include WIGGLESWORTH, CHARLES PRICE, EVAN ROBERTS, WILLIAM BRANHAM, NEAL FRISBY AND SOME OTHERS. Read their books and preaching and you will know for sure that God was still revealing his secrets to his servants the prophets. The fascinating thing about it all is that all the prophecies of all ages, is coming to a head. God in Genesis 2:1-2, rested on the 7thday after He created the heavens and the earth and all the host of them. God created in six days and rested in the seventh day. God in like manner has worked with man for almost six days now and His day of rest the Millennium is coming, which is the seventh day. Be ye ready for the Lord is on His way He has already left, the long journey is about to end. Hebrews 9:28 says, "and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation."

The state of California is a state that houses all people of all nationalities. California is a state like the watered plains of Sodom and Gomorrah {GENESIS 13:10}, even as the garden of the Lord. San Francisco and Los Angeles are like these two cities, wealth, great night lives, fashion, sodomites, pleasure centers, and in the midst of these there are God fearing people like righteous Lot and his house, who was grieved by what was happening in his cities. There are many men of God and sincere Christians in that state but prophecy has its place. You do not want to collide with prophecy, because you cannot win, this is the problem with many people today. We are not told why Lot, even when he was vexed with in his spirit about events in Sodom and Gomorrah did not move out or contacted Abraham for prayer and counsel. He suffered loss of everything, including the loss of his wife. If he had left before the judgment he would have saved all including his wife and his daughters would not have thought that there was no man to give them a child. All these occur when there is no vision, prophecy, dream to warn the people even Lot and us today. But today God did not leave us without a witness.

God can help us by warning us but will not obey his word for us. Prophecy, is informative, guides, warns, gives idea of times and seasons, bestows blessings and much more. In 1965, April 29th at Los Angeles, California, brother, William M. BRANHAM, preached a sermon called 'choosing a bride.' In this message he preached calling on the people to repent of their sins and turn to God, that this city, was one of these days going down into the sea, millions of people will die, properties will be lost, buildings, roads, bridges etc will be no more. In his prophecy he said, it has been commissioned to a Disastrous earthquake.

II Chronicles 20:20

Neal Frisby is another prophetic man of God that Lord has revealed to by prophecy the issues of California in the early 1960s. In his writings he mentioned about the catastrophic earthquake coming to California. He talked about Los Angeles, San Francisco and even extending into Arizona. This kind of devastation will be the hand of God; do not be caught in it. Even if you are stubborn and refuse to take heed to God's warning, you may lose your life and Jesus Christ will still collect you; only you have decided to collide with prophecy. In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established. God reveals his secrets to his servants the prophets.

Scientists can predict where a major tremor might occur, in a general sense; but research does not yet allow forecasts to be made for specific locations, or accurate predictions of timing. Serious earthquakes, which can generate Tsunamis, have wiped out cities and populations. Volcano occur both on land and in the sea, these are all at God's disposal. In our days we should do well to remember in 1985, in Nevado del Ruiz volcano wiped out four towns in the Andes of Colombia of about 20,000 people. These people were buried alive in their sleep, when volcanic hot ash swept though their communities at night.

God is patient and longsuffering with the children of men but has a set time to fulfill his words to his servants the prophets. God in his mercy speaks to people we do not know why; to warn people in different ways about his moves for their own good. In 1937, one of such situations occurred involving a 17 years old farm boy called JOE BRANDT. He was in a Fresno hospital from a horse fall and was lying in semi coma state. He was going in and out of consciousness. He had several visions and was able to write what he saw when conscious. God creates situations and does what he wants, as in this situation he was giving this young boy visions of what is on the way. His vision began with pictures forming, then it took on images, color, smell, sound and movement. The scene was Los Angeles. He saw it bigger and bigger, buses and odd shaped cars crowded the city street like today. He was shown the future of Los Angeles. He saw a clock at the Boulevard, he saw that it was ten minutes to four. This sunny afternoon was like early spring. Five minutes later he began to smell something like sulfa, like death and it was coming from the ocean, seeping into the atmosphere through the earth, (may be fault lines).

Then the earthquake struck; then a loud noise and hundreds of sounds. Then all kinds of sounds, children, women, and the crazy guys with earrings according to his description of what he saw.( Do people realize the growth of men wearing earrings today, what is the origin, was this found among the disciples of JESUS CHRIST. Imagine Apostle PETER dangling his earrings or Apostle PAUL. ) He heard awful cries and the water kept coming. The earth began to tilt like a picnic table toward the sea. He saw everything from San Bernardino Mountains to Los Angeles slide into the sea. His vision moved to San Francisco, which flipped over like pancake in to the sea. He saw the Boulder Dam break up and the Grand Canyon closing in. There are other common men who have seen such thing in dreams, but human being claim to be optimistic. Time will tell what the true situation may be.

But God reveals his secret to his servants the prophets. Men of God have warned about California, the problem is now on man, some think they can pray and change prophecies, some think they have enough faith to ride the storm, some think it does not matter. Whatever is your conviction, pray ask God for wisdom. Lot suffered loss in Sodom despite the fact that angels held his hand and that of his family. The wife did not make it. Make sure you have Abraham to intercede for you, an angel to pull you by the hand and the strength of mind to look on what is coming. Wisdom is the principal thing, wisdom from above. Believe his prophets.